What are Dutch People Like?



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In the above video, recorded in the Netherlands, I ask Dutch people what they’re like, personality wise. Below I’ve written a concise summary of the answers I got to my questions on the topic.

1. Friendly but Reserved

Another interesting perspective that came to light was the apparent paradox of Dutch friendliness and reserve.

One person pointed out the stark contrast between the Dutch and South-European or Islamic countries in terms of hospitality.

“The Dutch are cold-hearted. You’re never invited to someone’s home,” he shared, contrasting this with the warm, inviting nature of people from other cultures.

Working in Amsterdam with international people provided a window to him into these differences in social openness, which still managed to surprise even locals.

2. Openness and Honesty

Despite the aforementioned reservation in social scenarios, the Dutch were also described as quite open and honest.

A person remarked, “Very open, honest, and down-to-earth people.”

This suggests a level of straightforwardness and authenticity in interactions, painting a picture of individuals who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and stay grounded in their communications.

3. Directness: A Double-Edged Sword?

A good number of people I spoke appreciated the Dutch’s straightforwardness. It’s refreshing to some, having people lay it all out without the sugar-coating.

But, not everybody admired this trait. A few people expressed how this blunt honesty, this openness, sometimes spilled over into being a tad too direct or even harsh.

4. Individualism and Identity

Exploring further, I encountered views about the stark individualism that seems to be embedded in Dutch culture.

“The Dutch are very individual. Meaning they think for themselves and have their own identity,” shared one individual, who’s half Dutch and half Irish, emphasizing a sharp focus on personal identity among the Dutch.

The conversation offered a comparative glance at countries like Ireland, where cultural adaptation and communal identity seem to take precedence over individual perspectives.

5. The Mastery of Languages

One couple gave a thumbs up to the Dutchies for their knack for languages. They noted how most Dutch people comfortably converse in English and often in French and German too.

This linguistic flair isn’t just impressive but also makes them more approachable to folks from other countries. Foreign languages form a bridge that connects the Dutch to the world.