What’s the Best & Worst Dutch Food?



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In the above video, recorded in the Netherlands, I ask Dutch people what the best and worst Dutch foods are. Below I’ve written a concise summary of the answers I got to my questions on the topic.

1. Top-Rated Dutch Dishes

As I hit the streets of the Netherlands I quickly found out that many people love “Stamppot” (a mash pot), citing it as super tasty. It was interesting to learn about people’s favorite types.

Some people swear by the classic, while others are all in for the variations with carrots and onions, which they refer to as ‘Hutspot.’

A couple of people also mentioned a version with endive. However, it seems like the traditional stamppot has a special place in most hearts.

2. The Appeal of Stamppot

I got curious and asked people why they liked these mash pots so much. For many, it boiled down to the comforting combination of mashed potatoes and vegetables.

It’s wholesome, hearty, and brings a sense of nostalgia for some. A few folks expressed that it’s the kind of food that warms you up and fills you from the inside, especially during those chilly Dutch days.

3. Popular Dutch Snacks

In my inquiries about favored Dutch snacks, “Kroketten” and “Frikandellen” were commonly mentioned, appreciated for their distinct taste.

People also expressed a liking for “Kibbeling”. Cheese-based snacks like “Kaassoufflé” and “Kaasstengels” were highlighted as favorites.

4. The Dutch Cheese Scene

Cheese received quite a few positive comments. Evenings sometimes involve enjoying various types of cheese, occasionally with wine.

Specific types like Gouda were pointed out, and it was highlighted that there is a variety of cheeses available in the Netherlands, available in different ages and types.

Cheese also appeared in snack forms like “Kaassoufflé” and “Kaasstengels”, which were mentioned as favorites.

5. A Glimpse into Sweet Treats

For sweet foods, “Stroopwafels” were commonly cited. “Drop”, a type of liquorice, was mentioned with the note that it might be an acquired taste, especially for tourists.

A sweet candy-like liquorice, “Cadillacs”, was noted as a good one to try. Pancakes and pink cakes were mentioned too.

6. A Dive into Dutch Fish Snacks

Mentions of fish predominantly centered around “Kibbeling” and herring. “Kibbeling” was frequently noted as a preferred snack.

Herring, especially raw, was suggested as a must-try when in the Netherlands, with some individuals enjoying it with onions and pickles.

Additionally, some other fish items like oysters and mussels were briefly mentioned, though not always in a favorable light.

7. The Worst Dutch Foods

Several individuals expressed distaste for certain Dutch foods. Brussels sprouts and sauerkraut were mentioned unfavorably, with a couple of individuals stating they couldn’t stomach them.

Chicory was disliked by a respondent due to its bitter taste. Other mentions of less-favored items include rhubarb and broad beans.

Mussels were also mentioned in a negative light by a few, with one individual stating a traumatizing experience related to them.